The best tips for wearing a corset as outerwear

Corsets, once a staple of women’s fashion in the Victorian era, are making a bold comeback. They’re no longer just a piece of lingerie hidden under layers of clothing, but are being proudly worn as outerwear. Still, wearing a corset as a top can be a bit tricky. It’s all about balance and matching it with the correct pieces of clothing. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through it. In this article, we’ll delve into the best ways to wear a corset as a top. We’ll also share insightful style tips and wonderful outfit ideas, providing images to illustrate these fashion-forward concepts. Let’s get started.

Pairing a Corset with a Skirt

An excellent way to style your corset as a top is to pair it with a skirt. This offers versatility, as the type and length of the skirt can drastically change the vibe of your outfit.

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A corset paired with a long, flowy skirt radiates a classic, romantic aura. On the other hand, when combined with a mini skirt, your outfit instantly becomes edgier and more modern. A pencil skirt can transform your corset into office-appropriate attire. It’s all about knowing what look you’re aiming for and choosing a skirt that aligns with it.

Remember, balance is key. If your corset is heavily embellished or detailed, opt for a simpler skirt to avoid overpowering your top. If your corset is on the simpler side, feel free to choose a skirt with patterns, ruffles or other details.

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Dressing Down Your Corset

While corsets are often associated with glamour and elegance, they can also be dressed down for a more casual look. The key here is what you pair your corset with.

One great option is to wear your corset with denim, be it jeans or a denim skirt. The casual vibe of the denim balances out the glamour of the corset, resulting in a chic yet laid-back outfit. Throw on a cardigan or a denim jacket to make the look even more casual.

Another way to dress down your corset is to layer it over a simple t-shirt or blouse. This will not only give your outfit a unique twist, but also make your corset more wearable for everyday situations.

Accessorizing Your Corset

Accessories can add a personal touch to your corset outfit. From jewelry to bags to shoes, the possibilities are endless.

Jewelry-wise, a choker can enhance the vibe of your corset and create a cohesive outfit. A statement necklace can serve as the focal point of your outfit if your corset is on the simpler side. For a more casual look, layer on some dainty necklaces or bracelets.

As for bags, a clutch or a small crossbody bag will pair wonderfully with a corset outfit. For shoes, heels can elevate your look whereas flats or sneakers can make it more casual.

Tips for Wearing a Corset Comfortably

While style is important, comfort should not be compromised. Here are some tips to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible in your corset.

First, make sure the corset fits you well. It should be snug, but not so tight that it’s difficult to breathe or move around. The laces should be evenly tightened throughout the corset, and there should be no gaping at the top or bottom.

Second, wear something underneath your corset. A thin tank top or a bandeau can provide a barrier between your skin and the corset, making it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Lastly, sit down in your corset before leaving the house. This will help you gauge how comfortable the corset is and if any adjustments need to be made.

Styling a Corset for Different Occasions

Corsets can be styled for a myriad of occasions. For a night out, opt for a black lace corset and pair it with a leather skirt for an edgy yet glamorous look. For a brunch date, a pastel corset paired with a floral skirt can give off a sweet, romantic vibe.

For those brave fashion pioneers, styling a corset as office wear can be a fun challenge. Choose a solid-colored corset and pair it with a high-waisted skirt or trousers. Top it off with a blazer and you’re ready to rock the office in style.

Remember, the key to successfully wearing a corset as outerwear lies in the balance of your outfit. So get creative, experiment with different combinations, and most importantly, enjoy the process. A corset is a wonderful piece of fashion that can truly make a statement.

Pairing Your Corset with Trousers

Pairing a corset top with trousers is another excellent way to style it as outerwear. This combo can be both casual and dressy, depending on the type and cut of the trousers.

For a casual look, team your corset with high-waisted jeans. The rustic, relaxed vibes of the denim will counterbalance the sophistication of the corset nicely. Finish off the look with a pair of comfortable sneakers or ankle boots. This style is perfect for a weekend brunch or a casual day out with friends.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a more formal look, opt for tailored, straight-leg trousers. This look is great for those days when you want to wear corset to the office or a business meeting. Top it off with a blazer for an added layer of professionalism. Remember, the key is to balance out the risqué nature of the corset with a more conservative bottom.

In terms of colors, a black or white corset will pair well with almost any color of trousers. However, avoid overly bright or neon trousers as they can clash with the corset. You want the corset to be the star of the show, not to be overshadowed by other elements of your outfit.

Corset Dress: The One-Piece Wonder

A corset dress can be a great alternative for those who find the idea of pairing a corset with other pieces daunting. This all-in-one ensemble takes out the guesswork of mixing and matching, yet retains the glamour and sophistication associated with wearing corsets.

Corset dresses come in a variety of designs and lengths, from mini to maxi. A mini corset dress can be a great choice for a night out. If you’re going for this look, choose a dress with a steel-boned corset for that perfect cinched waist.

For a more formal event, a midi or maxi corset dress can work wonders. Opt for a lace corset dress for an added touch of elegance. The key to pulling off this look is to keep the accessories minimal and let the dress make the statement.

Remember, it’s always crucial to ensure that the corset dress fits you perfectly. It should be snug around the waist, but not so tight that it restricts your movement or breathing.

Conclusion: Embrace the Corset Trend

From the Victorian era to today, corsets have come a long way. No longer seen as merely undergarments, corsets are making a big statement in fashion as outerwear. From skirts and trousers to one-piece corset dresses, there are numerous ways to incorporate a corset into your outfit.

Remember, the secret to pulling off a corset as outerwear is balance. Pair your corset with the right pieces and accessorize wisely to create a beautiful, cohesive outfit. Above all, comfort should not be compromised. Your corset should fit you well and not restrict your movement.

So, are you ready to embrace this trend and start wearing corsets as outerwear? With our outfit ideas and style tips, we’re confident that you’ll pull off this look effortlessly. Whether you’re going for a casual day out, a business meeting or a glamorous party, there’s a corset outfit that’s perfect for the occasion. So, go ahead and make a bold fashion statement with a corset!

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